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Capitol View: from Haynie and Associates

April 26, 2022

The 2022 session is over halfway completed, having started on March 14th and adjourning no
later than June 6th. The 2022 session is a “general” session, and each lawmaker was allowed to
file an unlimited number of bills as long as they are not related to taxes. To date, there have been
1867 instruments introduced between the House and the Senate. I have highlighted the most
important bills below. All bill texts can be found at: www.legis.la.gov:

HB 1: State Operating Budget – includes increases from Federal dollars – we anticipate
additional monies recognized to be spent by the Senate.

HB 2: Capital Outlay Budget – Senate to make changes to the House priorities over the coming

HB 305 by Foy Gadberry – LES sponsored bill – Defines the incidental practice of
engineering by architects. Provides clarity and details on the limits to which an architect
can practice engineering.

HB 555 by Rep. Chuck Owens – Would have allowed for universal licensing/reciprocity – LES
opposed this legislation and successfully negotiated amendments that requires licensing boards
to submit data.

HB 597 by Aimee Freeman – LES opposed this legislation in its original form (added
burdensome legislative oversight to rulemaking), we successfully opposed and are now satisfied
with the amendments adopted to the bill.

HB 639 by Thomas Pressly – LES is neutral on this legislation after amendments, which requires
all licensing boards to inform a requesting individual with a criminal record if he is eligible for a
license before he seeks education/testing in pursuit of the license.

SB 483 by Stewart Cathey – LES is opposed to SB 483 which allows for universal reciprocity
for all licensing. This legislation is scheduled for Senate Commerce on April 27th and is the
most significant threat to ensuring that all those who are licensed in Louisiana by LAPELS have
an even playing field of education, testing, and requirements. We hope to be amended out of the

We encourage all LES members to reach out to both their House and Senate members
and express support of HB 306/Gadberry and opposition to SB 483/Cathey. You can look up
your State House and State senate member email and office phone numbers
here: https://legis.la.gov/legis/FindMyLegislators.aspx
Haynie and Associates appreciate the partnership with LES and advocates before the
Louisiana Legislature for the advancement of professional engineers