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President's Monthly Chapter Message

Dear Members and Friends,

The March 18, 2020 NOLES meeting will be ethics discussion and will be presented by Keith Bergeron. Mr. Bergeron is an attorney and Partner with Deutsch Kerrigan, LLP, a law firm in New Orleans. During his 20+ years representing engineers, architects, and contractors, he has encountered several instances when one of the case participant’s ethics was challenged. He will use a few of these as the basis of the discussion.

The meeting will be a luncheon held at the Regional Planning Commission / DOTD Building, #10 Veterans Blvd, New Orleans, LA. For more information on registration for this meeting, please click here .

NOLES Chapter Meetings are cancelled until further notice. Please stay vigilant and safe regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Ehab Meselhe of the Tulane River-Coastal Science and Engineering Department was the featured speaker for our February 12th chapter meeting. He gave a great presentation on how “River and Coastal Engineering Research at Tulane is helping the Louisiana Coast and the Mississippi River”. Dr. Meselhe is also a Professional Licensed Civil Engineer and a specialist in hydraulics, coastal and river computer modeling. This meeting was also a joint meeting with the Society of Tulane Engineers (STE) and was held at the Glazer Family Club in Tulane Yulman Stadium.

If your company is still interested in the NO-LES Chapter Sponsorship Program for remainder of our 2019-2020 program term year, we have a half-price sponsorships available. Please see details here .

Raoul Chauvin, P.E.

NO-LES, Chapter President