Welcome to the Louisiana Engineering Society
Bayou Chapter

Louisiana Engineering Society

Houma-Terrebonne Airport

2006-2007 Bayou Chapter Officers

Floyd E. Milford, III, P.E., President
Dennis G. Kelley, P.E. 1st Vice President
Melanie M. Boudreaux, E.I. Secretary/Treasurer
Micheal P. D'Angelo, P.E. Mathcounts Chair
Harold LeRay, P.E. Golf Tournament Chair

Bayou Chapter Parishes

Assumption Parish
Lafourche Parish
St. Charles Parish
St. James Parish
Jefferson Parish (Town of Grand Isle)
St. John the Baptist (south of Ms. river)
St. Martin Parish (southern separated protion)
St. Mary Parish (west of Wax Lake)
Terrebonne Parish

Upcoming Chapter Events

2006 Golf Tournament is October 6, 2006, 1pm tee time at the Sugarland Country Club in Raceland.

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Presidents of the Bayou Chapter

Floyd E. Milford, III, P.E.
Kevin P.Rizzo, P.E.
Rex J. King, Jr., P.E.
Scott G. Chehardy, P.E.
Ronnie J. Shaw, P.E.
Oscar F. Pena, P.E.
Ronald J. Boudreaux, P.E.
Marc J. Rogers, P.E.
Stephen P. Breeding, P.E.
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