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President's Message

Our April 18th dinner meeting will be presented by Mr. Aaron Hill, Plant Manager of the under construction Entergy St. Charles Parish Power Plant (SCPPP), near the Little Gypsy Plant site. While he will discuss the benefits of the SCPPP and other Combined Cycle Gas Turbine (CCGT) plant technology, he will discuss overall transition plan to these and other technologies from the older legacy power generation technologies. So the title of his presentation will be “Entergy’s Power Generation Transition Plan-Now and in the Future”, for more information please click here for meeting and registration details.

The March 14th luncheon meeting was our Spring Engineering Ethics Presentation and Licensing Ceremony and it was well attended by over 50 people. Our presenter was Mr. Ralph Junius, PE, JD and President of Linfield, Hunter and Junius Engineers & Architects, Inc. and it was held at the Metairie Country Club. Prior to the presentation Mr. Alan Krouse, PE of LAPELS, Ms. Brenda Gajan, LES Executive Director, Mr. Byron Racca, PE, the State LES President and myself, presented EI certificates, PE Licenses, scholarships and a fellowship award. Mr. Junius had inserted interesting video clips in his presentation from the Pirates of the Caribbean movie series referencing the “Pirates Code” to have some fun illustrating the point of our Engineer’s Code of Ethics. As usual he kept the audience engaged and interested in what otherwise can be a dry topic.

If your company is still interested in being in NO-LES Chapter Sponsorship Program for our 2017-2018 program term year, we are going to launch a great deal in January, a “Half Price for Half the Year Sponsorship” program. This will allow a company to get in on our web site and have their company logos displayed at our remaining five meetings for this term, click for more details here.

Nicholas M. Musmeci, P.E.

NOLES, Chapter President