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President's Summer Break Message

Our last meeting for this term year was a dinner meeting held on May 15th and was about high tech manufacturing taking place right here in New Orleans. The topic was “High Tech Nano Manufacturing of Lithium Ion Batteries in New Orleans” presented by Dr. Shiva Adireddy of Advano. Advano is located at the UNO Lakefront R&D Center. Dr. Adireddy along with other entrepreneurial engineers and scientists who graduated from Tulane, UNO and other major universities, are putting New Orleans on the map with leading edge innovations in Lithium Ion batteries using nanotechnology. We had a great turnout for this topic and we gained insight in hearing how a new high tech startup business, like Advano, is making a difference in battery technology. We held the meeting in the UNO College of Engineering newly re-dedicated Dean Fritz Dohse Auditorium, the founder of the UNO-COE.

Overall this term year we held nine monthly meeting with topics ranging from drainage and flood control, to NASA programs, to Engineering Education, to industry and business outlooks, to Nanotechnology, along with two ethics presentations and PE licensing issues. Our Chapter Sponsorship Program did really well raising over $9500.00. Likewise our 11th Annual Golf Tournament in October 2018 was a success.

With the money raised from the Chapter Sponsorship Program and the 11th Annual NO-LES Golf Tournament we funded the middle school MATCOUNTS program, FRC FIRST Bayou Robotics Competition in March, and both UNO and Tulane Engineering Forums respectively. In addition we funded four $1000.00 chapter level scholarships which were awarded at our May meeting to the following engineering students: Alexis English-UNO-CE, Sydney Sziber-LSU-CE, Michael Ceraso-UNO-EE and Garrett Anders-La Tech CE.

The photographic “2018-19 Term Year in Review” montage displaying pictures from the Chapter Monthly meetings and the 11th Annual Golf Tournament can be seen by clicking the link at the left side bar "NO-LES Chapter Pics"

If your company is interested in being in NO-LES Chapter Sponsorship Program for our upcoming 2019-2020 program term year, follow this link for more details. Also please consider participating as a player in our 12th Annual LES New Orleans Chapter Golf Tournament or as a sponsor, follow this link for more details. Again this term year we will offer cross-benefits between the higher value Chapter and Golf sponsors, such as complimentary players, cross-sponsor logos, etc. These extra benefits are explained in more detail in both before mentioned links.

I would like to thank my NO-LES Officers and Board who have helped me for my last two years as your chapter president and made my two terms a success. Raoul Chauvin presently our 1st VP will be officially installed as the 2019-20 Chapter President at the 2019 Gulf States Engineering Conference (GSEC) in Gulf Shores, Alabama at a breakout LES ceremony Sunday June 23rd. For more information on the 2019 GSEC, please see the LES State website.

I would like to take this time to thank our members and sponsors for a great year and I hope you and your families will have a safe and enjoyable summer vacation.

Nicholas M. Musmeci, P.E.

NOLES, Chapter President