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President's Message

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT - Golf Tournament Rescheduled: Please be advised that we will move our 10th Annual Tournament date to Friday November 10, 2017. We have now come to find out there are four (4) Engineering/Vendor related Tournaments (including ours) on October 6th, which we has apparently significantly affected our registration numbers to date. For an updated informational flyer on our 10th Annual New Orleans Chapter of LES Golf Tournament, November 10, 2017 click here or follow this link here to register.

On Friday September 8th, I attended my first LES State Board meeting which was held in Shreveport. As usual the State LES President, Byron Racca, PE, and his officers gave their reports. This included each chapter president from around the state. The full board voted on some key issues concerning membership and our future dues and relationship with NSPE, these issues where:

• NSPE has decided to utilize a new membership model. Because of that decision, on September 8, 2017, your membership in LES and NSPE changed. Members are no longer required to be a member of both organizations. Starting with your next renewal, each member will have three membership options; (1) LES membership only at $95.00/yr., (2) NSPE membership only at $299.00/yr., or (3) LES and NSPE membership ($95 plus $299) $394/yr. LES will continue to bill and collect the dues for both organizations (all three options) until July 2018. I personally feel this gives our members more flexibility and can still belong to both societies and keeps local control over LES finances.

• One of the other significant items approved was to reduce LES student membership to $0 for their duration as a student, instead of the previous $5/yr. I was behind this change based on the idea of attracting new LES members by making student membership free, hoping they will be join as EI members after they graduate.

Our October 18th Chapter Meeting topic will be be on Engineering Ethics for 1 PDH presented by Dr. Norma Jean Mattei, PE Professor of Civil Engineering at UNO and the National ASCE President. This meeting will also be the LAPELS Fall Licensing Ceremony; click here for details.

In addition this will be a jointly hosted meeting with the UNO Engineering Society (UNOES), for more information about UNOES go to their web site at:

Our Chapter Sponsorship Program is still open. For information on our 2017-2018 Chapter Sponsorship Program, see details here.

Nicholas M. Musmeci, P.E.

NOLES, Chapter President